how it works

CX mobile app

“yiota” is a unique CX mobile application offering to brands the ability to develop long-term customer relations. The app itself offers remarkable experiences based on customer needs, tastes, and preferences providing a memorable customer journey.

For the User

“yiota” is a free download mobile application. The app provides a different marketplace for the user to offer outstanding sales, remarkable experiences, product info and unexpected gifts.

For the Brand

is a mobile application that aims to:

• engagement

• consistency

• longevity

• communication

• loyalty

between consumer and the brand via a valuable customer experience journey. The app provides brands with vivid information about the consumer, such as contact details, demographics, consumer habits, and interest.

A Marketplace

Through a uniquely easy-to-use action menu, “yiota” enables the user to navigate a Marketplace where his interest and immediate satisfaction are crucial and non-negotiable priorities.


consumers want personalized offers from retail brands.


Surprise your customers with remarkable and valuable personalized experiences and create long-lasting and loyal relationships