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yiota The After Sales Customer Experience Maker

Is there anyone who is not impressed when they reward him by offering him a useful gift, a different benefit, a unique experience? “yiota” is designed for this very reason! Through gifts of significant value either as a purchase intention incentive or as a complete CX surprise during unboxing,”yiota” has enabled you to obtain an up-to-date database with your brand’s consumers.

Creating a Memorable Customer Experience after the Purchase in 3 steps!

Through the page to which the consumer is directed by scanning the QR Code, he is also informed about the company’s gift if it makes the Purchase. This is the primary motivation for its acquisition, but also the most competitive advantage over competing products. For the gift to be received, the customer fills in the relevant form with his details through yiota. In this way, the company obtains the contact details with the customer’s consent to take actions that will create an alliance with the consumer.

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As Philip Kotler says,  “Every business is a service business. You are not a product company. You are  product provider. Does your service offers a smile to your customer’s face?”


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