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The Unexpected Customer Experience as Purchase Decision Making Support at the Point of Sale

Imagine the customer at the point of sale exploring the product of his choice among many competing products that vary little in price and features.

Scanning the relevant QR code, “yiota” provides the required “stand out” possibility to your product while the consumer immediately receives essential information about your product. This is a significant fact that automatically enriches the product presence from other competitors.


A specially designed ”landing page” of your product provides product photos, technical features, product advantages, and all required information to strengthen the purchase decision at the point of sale.


On this page, the prospective customer is also informed about the gift company provides if a sale is made. This is the primary motivation for its acquisition and the most competitive advantage among the competing products.

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of consumers said they’d think more positively of a brand if it gave them content that was more valuable, interesting or relevant.


This is another one reason that yiota provides essential information and increase the intention of purchase at the Point of Sales

Why do consumers need information?

Consumer information is the most important element of consumer protection and a vital part of their policy for decisions. Providing real and essential information to your consumers is advantageous. An informed consumer is capable of making sensible decisions, gain insight about a product or service prior to purchase and this gives the security and the peace of mind, consumers required. (Economist)